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Daria - leading official trainer in UK

Daria - Foundress of 'Velvet Lashes by Daria' now claimed one of the World Bests Lash Stylists by Lash Masters vol. 4 inquiry. Leading official trainer in UK.

She was one of the first who received Phi Royal Artist reward. Daria directs a group of very talented and carefully selected lash instructors and she gradually and wisely expands her circle of stylists who are ready and committed to make their own input and make their skills available to further the success of the company.

Daria not only owns her own collections of lashes, tweezers, and adhesives but also is the main distributor in the United Kingdom of well known Polish brand Amazing Lashes.

By winning a prestigious title of World Best Lash Volume Master 2016 awarded by The Eyelash Emporium she gained recognition in the beauty industry. Thanks to the time that she has dedicated to perfecting her skills, building a regular client base she had a chance to become lash stylists for many UK celebrities.

Daria began her incredible Lash journey in 2007. Her determinations, persistence, huge passion for work, as well as a constant thirst for knowledge, have helped her achieve great success. In 2016 she has become a lash instructor and within a short period of time, she has managed to train hundreds of stylists.

Thanks to her very kind nature, respectful and professional approach to work as well as high level of competence she has been invited to different countries to take part in seminars and trainings, now she is also doing dual trainings with other lash trainers across Europe. Years of experience helped her to develop her own unique techniques such as ‘how to fill inner corners within 5-7mins', or 'Double Reflection Effect' - technique perfect for achieving volume fans.

Daria has completed over 20 worldwide master lash artist courses, the combination of knowledge and experience is one of the reasons she is now one of the most rated trainers in the UK. However, her journey does not stop here. She has taken her training courses outside the UK and started to teach international stylists across Europe, UEA and she has already planned future visits with her training sessions to the United States and Canada. At the beginning of the career Daria mainly focused on lash extension procedures however, this has also changed. In peruse of self-development, Daria has decided to broaden her horizons and get involved into Lamination/Lash Lifting and Lash Botox procedures.

Daria has taken part in many Lash Lamination courses learning from the experts within that field. Daria always pushes herself to be the best in her profession and that is why she has tried her hand in worldwide competition once again claiming a place on the podium. She has become an instructor for Italian company My Lash Lamination Botox and as a consequence, she has broadened the range of her trainings with these treatments.

Daria is also an international lash judge during different lash competitions both online and live. Her principal motto is 'every day is a good day to master your skills '. The best evidence for her constant strive for self-development is the fact that she is a proudly multi-awarded winner of worldwide competitions. She believes that not only knowledge but also the attractive way to transfer knowledge is the key to success.