10th March 2-8d Russian Volume TRAINING COURSE IN NUNEATON (UK)

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RUSSIAN VOLUME TRAINING COURSE: please email us a copy of Your certificate of completing the Foundation training course and 10 pics of Your work or link to Your social media page. The Trainer can cancel Your course even on training day if You miss to sent these informations - You will also lose Your deposit.







prices inc.
▪️attendance diploma
▪️accredited certificate(required study cases)
▪️training kit!
▪️15% for your first order www.velvet-lashes.co.uk
▪️10% unlimited student's discount for products!!
▪️online mentoring session
▪️access to Velvet Lashes students group

Content of the course:
✔️Health and safety: everything about the glue.
✔️Tools and products for volume eyelash extensions.
✔️Perfect lash thickness for russian volume lashes (0.07-0.10)
✔️How to create perfect fans: multiple technique-perfect tweezer for each technique.
✔️Wide and narrow fans-yes or no? why?
✔️Preparing the lashes for a better attachment.
✔️7 basic styling effects and lash mapping 
✔️Perfect lash line: layering - basic information.
✔️Direction of the lashes
✔️Lash bridge-artifical cover.
✔️How to deal with problematic eyes.
✔️Everything about the glue. The reasons why lashes are not lasting.
✔️The right distance between natural lashes and eyelid.
✔️How to correctly apply volume fan on the natural lash.
✔️Infills-how to prepare lashes and fill in mega volume extensions, how to remove single fans.
✔️Russian volume 2 removal techniques.
✔️How to fill inner corner within 5-7mins.
✔️Taping-when, why and how?
✔️How to take pictures of your work to promote your business
✔️How and where promote your business.

....and much more :-)

practical part 1.
*how to pick up fans from lash strips (i show my students 5 techniques inc 1 in hand)
*my speedy technique
*tapping makes our work faster
*practise on fundation sponge
-perfect fans
-perfect amount of the glue

lunch break time

practical part 2.
-practise on live models
*we check models eye position
*models eye shape
*model eyelash condition
*model eyelash lenght


Rest of the balance you will be required to pay max 2 days before training day.

*(group training courses) In case of not reaching the appropriate quantity of students the educator is alowed to cancel the course and give back the deposit which was paid for the course, or offer £50 discount for student (from price of individual training course) and offer individual training course for student just in Nuneaton

*If you wish to cancel your training course you must do so no later that 30 days before the date of your training course to receive a full refund of your deposit. No refunds will be made for your cancellation made within 30 days of the date of your training course.

You are required to have a live model from 4pm. If you are travelling and are not able to bring your own model, please inform us 1 week in advance, we will try our best to find model for you but we are not able to guarantee (cost £30)