Greater Manchester

M25 9RY

Beata Lisowska

  • 1:1 Foundation Training Course
  • 2-8d Russian Volume Training Course
  • 6-15d Mega Volume Training Course

Beata is Velvet Lash Trainer in Manchester and a founder/owner of B Lashes - studio specialising in lash and brow services. She has worked within the beauty industry for over 5 years, and has completed many courses and workshops both in the UK and internationally.
Beata is very passionate about lashes, and gets great satisfaction in making her clients look and feel beautiful.

Beata is now one of the best lash technicians and has won several championships!


-Lash Games (London )
1st place Dramatic look
2nd place Classic look

-Lash Champions League ( Italy, Bergamo)
2rd place 2D Volume

The best dramatic look in the opinion of Mary Akhunova Mary Gold lashes

-Lash Battle ( London )
1st place Male Category

-International Lash Cup ( Italy , Bologna )
1st place 2-4D Volume

-Universe Lash and Brow Competition ( Spain, online )
1st place Volume 2D
2nd place Volume 3D

-Super Yacht Lash Conference ( London )
3rd place Classic Category

-Judge at International Lash Cup ( Italy Napoli )
-Super Yacht Lash Contest Lash Events ( London , online )
2nd place Male Category