West Yorkshire

WF10 1JY

Joanna Pudzianowska

  • 1:1 Foundation Training Course
  • 2-8d Russian Volume Training Course
  • 6-15d Mega Volume Training Course

Joanna is a lash and nail stylist. Even though her high school education cantered around Information Management, in 2009 she decided to change her career path and completed Nail Design Course. Later in 2015 once again she opted for a conversion of her career and decided to enter lash extension business.
After completion of several training courses (Mega Volume and Russian Volume) and having acquired experience in 2017 Joanna won a second place in an online competition for 2/3D lashes.
The year 2017 has also resulted in completion of Lash instructor course.

On 2018 she won 4 more place on lash competition.

2018 began with the opening of a salon in Castleford - West Yorkshire and began to transfer her knowledge and experience to her students there. In the next year she won another 3 cups in eyelash competitions. On March 2019 she hired a girl to work in a salon who makes nails but also trains her towards eyelashes!

Joanna's experience, skills and knowledge made her in demand as a lash stylist. She has a group of many regular, satisfied customers who emphasize her professionalism, attention to details, high service and very good communication skills. Joanna is a very open and honest person that is why, her clients always feel completely comfortable during lash extension procedure.

2017 Oscar Lash Competition - 2nd place natural volume 2/3D master

2018 Ultimate Lash Competition - 3rd place Classic Lashes, advanced category

2018 Ultimate Lash Competition - 1st place Advanced category Volume Lashes

2018 Ultimate Lash Competition - 1st place Advanced category Mega Volume Lashes

2019 Europe Lash&Brow Competition Spain - 3rd place Kim Kardashian , Expert Category

2019 Lash Factor Christmas competition - 3rd place Master category with classic

2019 Villa Menzi Lash Stylist of the Month

2019 Velvet Lashes top Facebook and Instagram influencer