Karolina Finkowska-Krzak

  • 1:1 Foundation Training Course
  • 2-8d Russian Volume Training Course
  • 6-15d Mega Volume Training Course
  • Brow Lamination

Beautician, lash stylist, Top Brow Artist and certified Educator.One of two United Kingdom officials BrowXenna by Levchuk trainer. She is the owner of Increase of Beauty Studio and Academy in Exeter specialises in lash extensions and brow henna trainings. Karolina holds a BA degree in Administration. However, her love and passion for beauty business was so great that she decided to progress her career in this direction. This unique combination of skills only proves that Karolina is a versatile and flexible person who puts a lot of effort into her work and uses every opportunity to broaden her skills and knowledge.
Karolina is very professional, hard-working and reasonable. She gets a lot of praise from her clients and students as she always cares and prioritises their needs, She values a healthy work-life balance and keeps her private life separate from her business.