Maria Cepulkovska

  • 1:1 Foundation Training Course
  • 2-8d Russian Volume Training Course


My beginning is in 2012,when I attended the first eyelash extension lessons
For 4 years I practiced only classic extension.
Later I decided that I want to be a very good and reguested master.
And that is when my journey into the world of eyelashes began.
I started learning intensively.I learned from the best Trainers from Russia,Belarus,Germany,England.I attended conferences and I participated in a championship in witch I took socond place.
I haven’t stopped since and I’m not planning on doing it.
Thanks to everything I have achieved,it has braught me to where I am now-“Velvet Lashes by Daria”Trainer.
I’m still learning and upgrading my skills by watching webinars so I can share my knowledge with students.
Eyelashes extension are my passion,I do it perfectly and most importantly,I enjoy what I’m doing.