Marta Szafraniec

  • 1:1 Foundation Training Course
  • 2-8d Russian Volume Training Course
Marta is a Velvet Trainer for Co Antrim – Northern Ireland and she also runs BeBeauty Studio, which is based in Belfast. Her large group of satisfied clientele gives her motivation and strength to invest in herself and develop in beauty industry.
Her career began in 2015 when she started lashing her friends and family as a hobby during maternity break and it quickly became her passion. Despite of holding Master Engineer Degree from University of Economics in Wroclaw, she chose a different way for her career and became a lash technician. By completing several training courses (from Foundation to Mega Volume technics and Whispy Look) she gained knowledge from best educators in UK and Poland.
2019 was very important year for Marta as she took a part in couple international competitions - Super Yacht in London and Lash League in Glasgow.. and she won 🏆
🥇 1st place for Mega Volume Lashes - Super Yacht
🥇 1st place for Mega Volume Lashes - Lash League
🥇 1st place for Kim Kardashian Lashes - Lash League
🥉 3rd place for and Classic
.. and finally in September 2019 she joined Velvet Family.
Marta is a passionate lash technician who is always striving for perfection in everything she does and ensures all her treatments are carried out to the highest standard. She strongly believes that hard work is a key to success ♥️